Lyrics: The Line Between Us and Being

Climbing the stairs to the top of the lighthouse
Each step more heavy than the last
Looking out from the deck with the waves crashing
Will she make it back, this time around..

It’s all in my head, the waves, the sound
peeling my feet from the ground,
two stones in my shoes,
I can barely move, now.

Failure in sight in the year of the stallion.
Continue the way of the years before.
You would think I’ve learned my lesson,
but with eyes like that, how could I say no.

Until I read the words, scribbled slow
ripped from the throat I could choke
with my soft hands,
then I wake up, again.

On the edge of the dock looking out to the sea,
watching all of the lights sail away from me
Ill return tomorrow and expect just the same,
You’ve drawn the line between us and being

So I’ll lay awake and write a song about,
how I can hardly forget you now,
but somehow I’m feeling better,
How, does that make you feel?
Cause I wanna scream out, scream out

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