Lyrics: Waiting

I go inside and sit right down.
Faces of clowns dancin’ all around.
Their bodies move in a similar way,
and someone says, “Are you ok?”

I answer with a boyish smile
as I think of something worthwhile.
I turn and look and freeze in place.
There she is at arms length.

I’ve been waiting a long time, I can’t believe she’s here.
In front of me, I’m floating, we’re swimming through the sea.
How can this be?
I blink once, slip into the bed I made last week.

Throwing stones at my memory,
wondering if we’ll finally meet.
It’s 3 am like the night before.
The lady then knocks on my door.

Is this real, well is this fate?
Surely it is much too late.
I cannot say I’m not afraid,
I do not want to be betrayed.

I’ve been waiting a long time, I can’t believe she’s here.
Finally, it’s happened, she’s really in front of me.
I’m on my knees,
she smiles, well now I can go to sleep, tonight.

I’ve been waiting a long time…
(Drinking my blues, prepping the noose, now I feel alive.)
(Walking alone, watching the phone, now I’m feeling fine.)
(Taking a blow, seeing it show, was all inside my mind.)
(Running the red, stop when I’m dead, now I’ll take my time.)

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