Lyrics: Wind Song (Part 1)

Pack the car up, in the morning, I am leaving.
Watch the tires sink in the weight of a feeling.
Don’t know where I am going,
Or if I will ever come back.
I wanna see the bare
world without the pavement cracks.

I’ll see beauty for the first time in awhile.
Smell the flowers, wild roses, without a price.

Well how long do you think you could last?
A one man army with the world in his hands.
They’ll come looking sooner or later,
but for now relax.

I’ll send you letters of the travels of a worried friend.
Show you pictures of a landscape I could hardly pretend.
You sit in your square, hoping it will take another shape.
You hang your head and dream of a far, far, far off place.

It’s of an island filled with melody, sung by the wind.
It’s the sweetest thing you’ve heard, but it’s only in your head.

Well how long do you think you could last,
before the the girl in the mirror cuts her wrists?
Just get away for a small time,
and find your wind song.

Find your wind song, find it…
Sing your wind song…

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